Hello and welcome to Rimm Air, LLC, operated by Nancy Rimm-Staples. Thank you for visiting my website. Having the domain since 2007, I began building this photography website on 12/12/12, a long-time goal of mine.

I am a native New Englander and have lived in Maine since the early '70‘s. I moved here as a young child from a farm in upstate New York, not far from the Hudson River. The latter part of my childhood was spent on a rural Maine farm. My family was one of four profiled on a PBS special in the '70’s about families moving to Maine and living on working farms. On that farm was where my photo-taking took shape. I used a Kodak Brownie that belonged to my mother, followed by a number of other cameras.

Photography was a regular presence in my home and even a darkroom for several years.  My father was often the family photographer/videographer.  My mother was a reporter and photographer for Maine newspapers for many years and also our family photographer. They and other family members inspired my photography interest at a young age. Fascinated with the film developing process, I learned my way around the darkroom as a teenager with my mother as a terrific instructor. Watching images gradually appear on photo paper by only the red glow of the darkroom light was exciting and amazing! I developed my own senior high school portrait, editing a shadow with a coat hanger, a piece of paper and tape - the digital age sure has changed that procedure!

Another notable influence on my interest in photography was internationally awarded Maine nature photographer and lecturer Henry W. Briggs. When I was a teenager, he visited the family farm in Maine. Henry invited me to look through his camera, with macro lens attached, at a flower growing in front of our porch. It was a stunning image. I have never forgotten that moment this kind man took the time to share his love of photography and nature with me.

As an adult, life took me in the direction of the travel industry, driven (or, perhaps I should say "piloted"!) by my interest in aviation and the rest of the world. For many years I worked as a travel consultant - sending leisure and business travelers all over the globe - and met many wonderful and interesting people. I was fortunate to travel extensively as well during that time, photographing my trips each time (mostly with a Minolta Maxxum 7000i film SLR), increasing both my travel and photography knowledge through first-hand experience in places as far away as Hawaii and Israel.

The art of photography has been a lifelong passion: capturing our world, telling stories in photographs and preserving them for present and future generations. The world is rapidly changing and my photos serve to record life as it exists today, often with my artistic view or creativity. My experience runs from working with company presidents and CEO’s in the travel industry to braving freezing cold weather for my photography work to get the right shot for a setting moon, wildlife or other image.

A 30+year resident of Stockton Springs, I live with my husband in beautiful mid coast Maine - not far from the Penobscot River estuary.

The diverse state of Maine, so rich in history and breathtaking scenery, is the primary focus of my digital photography work: from events and activities in the many coastal towns to farms and blueberry fields in rural areas to the quiet solitude of the woods or an unspoiled beach and more. Maine is a beautiful and interesting place!