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And a little bit of the beast. Winter Storm Gemini became Ice Storm Gemini for Maine. With tens of thousands of homes in Maine left without power, Gemini was a vivid reminder of the Ice Storm of '98. While the outages, accidents, downed trees and lines and worse were the beast of the storm, the ice and a dusting of snow were the beauty. Gorgeous chandelier-like scenery sparkled in the sunlight when it finally rose again. Images are being added in time and in between power outages. Most of these photos were taken in bitter cold temperatures and ice-walkers were a must!
The Ice Storm BeginsRed, White & Blue with the MoonThe BarnSearsmont Tree-TimmingOne Tough VictorianSilent NightTown Greeting Decorated in IceChristmas DayChandelier RoadMaple Grove Cemetery, ProspectIcy American FlagPole DownThe Farmhouse

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